Concussion Protocol Information

If any NEAA player is suspected of having a concussion, the player needs to be immediately removed from PRACTICE or a GAME.

NO player will be allowed to return to PRACTICE or a GAME until they provide written clearance from a licensed physician to the NEAA.

NOTE:  The Center for Disease Control and Prevention offers free information, as well as a free online concussion training course on their website:

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2017 Major League Coaches

The coaches for the 2017 Major League (ages 10-12) baseball season have been determined. They are as follows:

Majors Age 10-12 as of 4/30/2016
Indians Head Coach Michael Martignetti
Indians Assistant John Pregmon
Indians Assistant Brendan Graf
Cardinals Head Coach Ralph Martignetti
Cardinals Assistant Vincent Sablone
Cardinals Assistant Greg Everett
Cubs Head Coach Joe Bova
Cubs Assistant Ryan Kenny
Cubs Assistant Alex Munoz
Tigers Head Coach Luigi Natale
Tigers Assistant Chris Wells
Tigers Assistant Matt Garvey

There are still some openings to coach at the minor level ages 6 & 7 and the junior level ages 8 & 9. Please contact commissioner Ralph Martignetti if you are interested. Thanks

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2017 Baseball Registration is Open !!!

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Commisioner: Ralph Martignetti
Sports Coordinator: John Romano